Melo Mafali (composer. pianist, keyb.)

Born in Messina, Italy.
1970 He begins to attend piano lessons at the Conservatorio F. Cilea.
1979 Degree in classical studies at the Liceo Classico Maurolico in Messina.
1980 Carreer start as a jazz pianist, with a very special debut as an opening act for legendary drummer Max Roach, at the Messina Jazz Meeting.
1982 First attempts with electronic music in various music studios.
1983 He starts to work as arranger and programmer in Germany. 1983-86 works as arranger and composer for different artists, among others Chaka Kahn, lnterface, Delegation, Off, Tina Charles,Mousse T. etc. mostly at Cream Studios in Frankfurt a.M.
1987 1st Cologne Rock Meeting with major national broadcast, with W.Niedecken of Bap,Trio Rio,etc.
1991 First european tour with soul music veteran Rufus Thomas, with whom he also records the album Timeless Funk and Blues Thang in his own recording studio,Peak Top,Cologne. He also writes and produces the music for the show Visions of Orientalia, an idea of choreographer and middle-east dancer Aida.
1992 Second European Tour with Rufus Thomas, with a live gig MTV, Most Wanted, with Ray Cokes.
The best gig is the live one with the Pointer Sisters in the popular late-night show Samstag Nacht,with comedian Harald Schmitt.
1996-97 Release of major Tv and cinema spots (Opel, Warsteiner) with Melo Mafali’s originals. First What’s up tour in Spain. He records tracks with Rufus Thomas at the legendary Sun Records studio in Memphis, Tennessee.
1997-2004 Release of three albums with the Pianoduo, works with the Spell Trio on an album, and on the experimental The Aton Project.
2004-2007 New compositions for piano , and works for classical orchestra. He´s working at a major concept as arranger-conductor for metal guitar icon Wolf Hoffmann. Selected Discography Babylons Acumen (Aton-1992) El Libro De La Luna ( Artcore/Efa-1993) Aida´s Mythos (Danzone-1995) El Latino (Greenhouse Music-1997) , The Pianoduo with R.Pretschner Nocturna ( Greenhouse Music-1999), The Pianoduo with R.Pretschner The Pianoduo live in concert (Greenhouse Music-1999), The Pianoduo with R.Pretschner and Jennifer Lim Diamanti di Zucchero-Music for Zucchero,Circus of Venice (2004) An Album of Progressive and Jazz-The Spell Trio (Family Affair-2007), with P.Mafali and M.Rizzo Collaborations on Recordings Bobby Kimball-Rise Up(first Solo Album). Nena-Alles Dreht Sich Rufus Thomas-Timeless Funk Rufus Thomas-Blues Thang Off-Electrica Salsa Delegation-Where is the Love Gloria Gaynor-I will survive(Remix 1996-Emi Germany) De Angelo-Verfluchte Zeiten De Angelo-Samuraj Mousse T-Don't Stop Marvin Gaye-Thy Father(Remake with original voice,1998). Chaka Kahn and Kim Davis-Too hot to touch Don't Stop-A Book with Seven Seals Marla Glen-Crazy World Classical Compositions Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 1 B minor (1995-1996) „Minimal Bride“ for Piano, 2 Xylophones and Chamber String Orchestra ( 2001) String Quartet Variations on Mutazione (1992) Piano Sonata 1 a un Tempo (2007) Fantasia e Toccata for Piano (2003) Octember Holidays for Piano ( 2002) Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord E minor ( 2007 ) Immortal V.32 for Orchestral Strings Atem and Savage Hearts- 2 Meditations for Piano and String Orchestra ( 1999) Mutazione IV for String Orchestra and Jazz Trio ( 2004).