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                 Albanorama-  The Mystery of Illyrian Music

Balkan & Albanian traditional music survives on its own and if it had submitted to the Western musical system, it would, probably, have lost all the poetic value which it possesses. So far, the Illirian have preserved the archaic tunes which tend towards more ancient modes. Lately ,the more recent tunes incline towards Eastern inspiration; However, both of them are so idiosyncratic that any attempt to adapt them to the Western system, would rob them of their individual color.

Albanorama musicians, bring that music with the very mystic sound on our jungle of world music.


               AlbanoramaThe Mystery of Monodia /Volume II

The Medirerranean south part music is soft and gentle, and polyphonic in nature. Vlora, Permet, Kreta and in the southwest has perhaps the most unique instrumental traditions in the area, with four distinct parts (taker, thrower, turner and drone) that combine to create a complex and emotionally cathartic melody.North part- The Ghegs from north of the Shkumbini River are known for a distinctive variety of sung epic poetry. The most traditional variety is called Rapsodi, Kreshnike and is made by moustachioed men, now mostly elderly.



Here we are presenting the mos representative traditional assemble of Albania The “Family Lela DÈ PERMET- South Albania. Most in the western world have mistaken Albanian music as merely Turkish or Greek. Others would argue that the Albanian musical tradition is distinguished by its originality and provides a solid historical foundation for early European music.

Polyphony II – features meditative dirges of great poise and elegance of Albanian music. The songs and dances full of vitality and melancholy contains truly breathtaking music from a country that was 50 years, until recently, completely cut off from the rest of the world. This assemble performs in the older styles and plays even older songs from South- and Middle-Albania. Since the last centuries they are the keeper and interpreter of this traditional music. Due to a lot of tours they are also well known in other countries, also outside of Europe.



Balkan it´s a region of hot summers and hot passions, where the music is as rich and varied as the land itself. Love has always been the favourite theme for its singers with religion and songs of the good life equal second. This unique album can be enjoyed as a exotic mediterranean balmy.

Euphoria is a boat trip starting from the balkan Adria coast, famous for its polyphonic vocal music with haunting melodies, rhythms and spine-tingling harmonies. More then one decade Eda Zari follows this path with a perfect mixture of sweetness and strength.