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New album "Euphoria"

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  1. Asaman  
  2. Poshte nga Cahiret
  3. Sunset of Santorini
  4. Dreams are dust
  5. Dola
  6. Vetem fjale
  7. Ravel´s Fatamorgana
  8. Falu
  9. Sailing
  10. Four Seasons
  11. Pas djellit ne Nirvana
  12. Shaina-Nana
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Eda Zari , Sebastian Studnicky (t) and band life at Int.Jazz Festival Lugano

Worldmusic Transglobal-Beat

Balkan it´s a region of hot summers and hot passions, where the music is as rich and varied as the land itself. Love has always been the favorite theme for its singers with religion and songs of the good life equal second.

This unique album can be enjoyed as a exotic Mediterranean balmy.Euphoria is a boat trip starting from the Balkan Adria coast, famous for its polyphonic vocal music with haunting melodies, rhythms and spine-tingling harmonies. More then one decade Eda Zari follows           this path with a perfect mixture of sweetness and strength.

With Euphoria she support the peaceful co-existence of people regardless of religion and the free exchange of ideas in hope of reaching a new model of society without discriminating cultures or religions which includes equal rights for everyone.

In Euphoria Zari and the producer Mark Kay have embraced all Worldmusic trans-global sounds to create exciting fusions, where national identity is blurred and boundaries are expanded. Euphoria`s musical journey starts with the ethnic vocals basin, Adria Mediterranean Balkan rhythms & North Africa.

Twelve tracks that caress the listener and send them in a hot spot of Mediterranean sun. This music is the soundtrack of the new Millennium, which got support from the electic voice of the multi-instrumentalist Cheb Momo Djender (Algerian), Fatmir Lela the best hand of Dynasty Lela dè Permet( lute, buzuki), Abdel Rahni Krija percussionist (who`s sharing his great talent and the stage with Sting Sacred Love) Casablanca, the great German trumpet player Sebastian Studnizky, the famous virtuoso clarinetist of Balkan Vladimir Gica and some more great artists from Balkan are featured. The songs are varied, complex and powerful, and leaves the listener yearning to hear more and also to learn about the ancient past from which it originated this music.

Featuring life performing Musicians:

Rhani Krija (p)& Vladimir Gica (c)


  • Abdel Rhani Krija percussionist Cajon, Karakas, Tarabuka, Timbalis, Congas, Def, Tabla & other ethnic Athmos percussions) Casablanca/ Morocco/ Germany.
  • -Mohamed Djender ( vocal, Acoustic Guitar and Arabic Lute) Alger-Germany
  • -Sebastian Studnitzky (Trumpet)Germany
  • -Vladimir Gica (Clarinet) Tirana
  • -Fatmir Lela ( Bakllama, Lute,Buzuki)Tirana
  • -Lukas Dziwoki ( D-Bass & E-Bass, backing boys voc)
  • -Istanbul Symphonic Orchestra-Turkey (Strings & Flute )
  • -Gregorian Voices by Nomad Voices of Ireland (Dublin)
  • -Arabic Vocal by Tilays Hassan Turkey
  • -Papo Darakis (Greece flute) Grecce-Athens
  • -Hosé Marilos ( Flamenco singer)Andalusia-Spain
  • -Mark Kay (Drummer) Germany


More Info about the artist @   www.eda-zari.com
Produced by Eda Zari & Mark Kay.Recorded at :Kay Prod.Studio and Kemper Music Prod/2005-2006 Germany.All Lead soloist, female vocals and classic coloraturas performed by Eda Zari.All femals backing vocals arranged and performed by Eda Zari.All songs Arranged by Mark Kay/ Programmed by Orkan Kuyas ( Germany) . Sounds design by Orkan Kuyas & Mark Kay Production-Germany

Published by KABA RECORDS -Germany

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