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About POLYPHONY II and  Dynasty LELA

The purity of the music and its hypnotizing polyphonic sound make the special note of Lela´s passion for the soul of their music.One doesn't have to know the language to enjoy this beautiful pureness. You can hear it in their voices and their instruments. Just the exact notes, no more no less.

No polishings. No commercial in here!


If you can understand the words will be a plus....

Not that they matter but they'll put a smile in your face and appriciate their rawness even more.

The Lela family of Permet, is one of the most famous and representative ensemble of traditional Albanian folklore. Most of the music is painfully sad, slowly building and winding around voices that could break hearts.

Lela´s play a special music that rests on an ancient tradition, a musical genre that dates back to Illyria. A kind of Blues, tainted with nostalgia close to lamentation, the vocal polyphony of Permet (three voices, which call and answer each other) is quite astonishing. This chant is accompanied by clarinet, violins, a large tambourine, bakllama, lute and an accordion. This is gritty, earthy music that pulls at the gut, sinewy music that has a peculiar, improvisational cadence all its own.                                                                                                                                                        

The Lela family from Përmet have formed one of the most famous musical dynasties in Albania. Origi-nating from the Tosk heartland of south-eastern Albania, the core of the group featured several siblings who grew up surrounded by the vocal and instrumental polyphony so typical of Përmet. Their father Mania (1902-1982) was himself a distinguished folk music performer, lute builder master.     

It was this career which led the family to relocate to Tirana in 1939.. The Famille Lela de Permet improvise and revive the polyphony, and so create an atmosphere that weaves a subtle and heady sonic tapestry.Since the last centuries they are the keeper and interpreter of this traditional music. Due to a lot of tours they are also well known in other countries, also outside of Europe.

The last CD 'Famille Lela de Permet'is produced in France in 1992 by Label Bleu

Remzi Lela, (the king of KABA) clarinetist and the leader of the ensemble. 

The tunes are classic and excellent vehicles for the clarinet mastery and lyricism of Remzi Lela, whose incredible talents were taken away from us in Tirana, Dec.1995. He had a fantastic grasp of solo construction and timbral contrast. His tune is often burstig and raspy, but then it becomes puply or even sheer.His vibrato gets out of hand-too bleating,and ultimately corny. In most cases, it is effectively tearful, (by ballads and Kaba´s) joyful, droopy, slow and peaceful.

About the Albanian Music polyphony

The most common kind of the Albanian polyphony consists of 3 singers, starting with the first singer, followed by the second. At this time all the other singers are starting to sing a 'Bordun-Tune', a constant tune to accompany the melody. All the musicians are sitting in a circle. Musical instruments are played in a similar way. Instead of the both solistic voices the clarinet and the violin will be used. The Lute is used to perform the 'Bordun-Tune'. Sometimes also the Accordion is played as an additional instrument. The clarinet starts first, second is the violin. Lute and percussion accompanies the violin and the clarinet.

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All Instruments Performances By:

  • Fatmir Lela       Soloist Bakllama, Lute, Perccusion, Vocal
  • Ahmet Lela       Soloist Vocal (Band Leader)
  • Lulzim Lela        Acordeon & Vocal
  • Krenar Dumo    Soloist Violin & Vocal
  • Fatmir Ilamaj     Soloist Clarinet
  • Fatmir Jonuzi    Dajre, Def, Tarabuka

All Arrangements by: E.Zari &  Fatmir Lela.                                                                                                                                                                

All “Iso” and vocal backround  arrangements by:E.Zari    


All “Iso “ and vocal backround performing by: Fatmir Lela, Krenar Dumo, Ahmet Lela,Lulzim Lela.

Executive Producer: Kaba Music Records   /Produced by : Fatmir Lela, Eda Zari & Bernard  Moreys

Recorded at: Moreys Acustic Studio Prod/ Paris- September 06/January 2007 .                                                  

Some of the instrumental titles are life recorded at Folk Auditorium Tirana/Albania by MASP/Oct. 2006.          

Mixed & Engineering by: Bernard Moreys & Fransuas Picott.                                                                                      

Digital editing at M.A.S.P / Paris  Mastered By: Bernard Moreys January, 2007