About KABA

Who is Kaba Music Records ?
Short History

KABA Music ( Muzika e Kabase) was established in 1945 in Tirana from the father of most well known representative Albanien traditional music Dynasty Lela Dé Permet the lute builder "USTA" Manolis Lela (Manja) and Guru of clarinet "Jonuzi i Lamces".

On year 1955 till 58 Mane Lela`s oldest son Remzi Lela become the head of Kaba Music and lately the legend of Albanian clarinet.

Remzi continued together with his five brothers to engage many Albanian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Greek musicians to play for diverse folk ceremonys, celebrations and music festivals.
All the bands performances has been recorded in a row -life -
as well.
This old magic songs and "Kabas" are lately (on 1973) remastered from mint file copies held in the EMI Archive in London.

After a long period and Remzi Lela`s death the Lela Brothers Mr.Fatmir Lela (one of the best composer and Balkan instrumentalist) Maestro of the Accordion & conductor Ahmet Lela together with their young nephew singer and producer Eda Zari brought into the life again the KABA MUSIC RECORD main company based in Germany, partners in Austria, Albania, Greece.

What mean Kaba!
Kaba( Vome) is Albania's distinctive version of 'a powerful recitative-like instrumental form of vast territorial extent.Possibly originating in Persia, this kind of melody extends eastward as far as Tibet and Cambodia [and westward to] Albania and Algeria.

This musical instrumental form has been the ELIXIR of the big Maestro Remzi Lelo "Cobani" and the Lela`s Dynasty life.

Kaba -features the Violin besides the clarinet which has been always the primary instrument to play that famous musical form.